La Casa de los Almendros

La Cañada, Valencia
452 m2
Alfonso Calza

Adjacent to an extensive pine forest, this house blends into the local nature. The project’s concept is preserving the old almond grove in the ravine.

The concept of the project is based on the idea of preserving the old almond grove on the river ravine in which it is located. Located at the northwest end of the development, the house borders a large pine grove and a tree-lined boulevard set in an old ravine, which collects water during the rainy season.


From the outset, the project’s main premises were the protection of the trees and the possible presence of water.

From the outset, the proposal was intended to form a set of disaggregated pieces that would merge with the trees on the plot, generating views of the joints and separations in the pieces. These volumes were raised, separating from the terrain, to allow water to pass through during periods of heavy rainfall.


The resulting ensemble rests on the plot, in dialogue with the pre-existing trees and the added landscaping.

This is made up entirely of low-maintenance native species and filtering paving that facilitates the passage of water. The volumetry is mainly on the ground floor plus a single volume on the first floor, facing south and concealing the main façade from the two streets it overlooks.


The access to the house is between two volumes.

The one on the left, the garage, is an opaque natural stone wall. The one on the right, filtered by metal slats to provide privacy, forms the volume of the secondary bedrooms.

The wooden entrance gate occupies the gap left by these two volumes, inviting you to enter between them into the private part of the house. As is the case inside the house, outside, the entire access route is accompanied by aromatic plants and a large olive tree next to the stone wall.


“On entering the house, the hall space functions as a link between various volumes, allowing light to enter and views to the outside in the spaces between rooms”.

Ground floor plan.
First floor plan.