They do not live in the same city. Nor do they do the same for a living. They don't even know each other. But all Ubikers have something that joins them: they have participated in the creation process of their own homes.

“I’m so pleased with the young, reliable and professional team behind Ubiko. They really live out your project as if it was their own. The proposal also stayed at the same defined price throughout the entire process.”

Guillermo. Mallorca

“From our very first visit to their Valencia office, where we were attended by Raúl and Jesús, we really liked the treatment and trust. They showed us how they work and convinced us to a 100%.”

Vanesa. Barcelona See the project

“What persuaded us to decide to collaborate with Ubiko was when we understood their way of working and when we personally met them. It is a young, dynamic and very motivated team. Like a family.”

Salvador. Mallorca. See the project

“We are happy and proud to be able to say that we are part of the Ubikers family with our UP25. Choosing them is a sure bet, due to the reliability of their construction system and the cost plan, with no surprises- which is greatly appreciated.”

Amparo Hurtado.
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