UP64, Llucmajor

Built-up area266 m2
PhotographerNeus Pastor

Property located in the Mallorcan municipality of Llucmajor with a north orientation.

The aesthetics of the house, covered by earth, are being worked on.

UP64 is a north-facing home located in Llucmajor, Mallorca. It shares similar characteristics with our Valencian property, UP52, one of Ubiko’s flagships.

However, the difference with UP52 is the work on the house’s aesthetics. It is hidden by the terrain.

From the outside, you can only see the first floor. As you enter, the ground itself opens up, as if an invisible cloak is being lifted and uncovered as you go along

In this way, you feel sheltered by the volume of the first floor, which is cantilevered, resting on the structure of the house and on the elevation of the land itself.

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