UP63 Panorama

Built-up area288 m²
PhotographerAlfonso Calza

In contrast to the developer’s initial intention to demolish the house and build a new one, the decision was taken to refurbish in order to re-inhabit, enhancing several points of interest existing in the original house, which was more than 60 years old.

The original living room was completely closed to the window of a swimming pool that occupied a third of the current one. The main terrace of the house was fenced off and flanked by cypress trees, which at the same time blocked the sea view.

The kitchen was cut off from the views and the day area. The interior layout of the house was completely rethought with a clear premise: to organise the spaces, unify the outdoor terrace with the day area and enhance the views. To achieve this, a detailed study of the new uses of the house was necessary, which resulted in changing the area of its main uses and the modification of the heights of the levels of use.

Panorama takes its name from its views, but it also responds to how its interior is arranged, to what happens inside it. The existing vernacular architecture is updated with more modern elements and natural materials, achieving an exercise of going back and forth, past, present, and future. The alignment of spaces, their integration, and opening to the outside, enhance the welcoming and sociable use of the home to give as a result, large spaces with lots of light where everything seems easier.

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