The Doorway to the Sea

LocationPalma de Mallorca
Built-up area299,45 m²
PhotographerGermán Cabo

Placed in an impressive location, a house that breathes warmth reflects the dream of living all year surrounded by nature and overlooking the Mediterranean.

Taking into account the privileged location where the plot sits, on the edge of a cliff, the construction is based on raising a house that is connected to its surrounding environment at any time of the day, maintaining a constant dialogue with its light changes.

From an opaque and introverted architecture that is applied to the garage, the access porch and the main entrance, the house gradually opens up to the exterior through covered outdoor patios, fenced in by columns with the same stones that the cathedral of Mallorca is made of.

The walls are arranged in a way that makes the basement act as a link between independent volumes, so that the different rooms work simultaneously, protecting the most intimate areas with ceramic latticework, and connecting them all with the linear path that the house traces from North to South. The path finishes at the open terrace, the garden area and the pool, which finally blends in with the sea horizon.

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