Housing between Party Walls

LocationCastellón de la Plana, Castellón
Built-up area257.16 m²
PhotographerGermán Cabo

The project developed for this house, located in Castellón’s old town, leverages natural light on a plot that is only 3.5m wide

Once the old family house was demolished, the Ubiko team created a home that is structured along the ground floor (garage + office), first floor (day area + kitchen) and second floor (night area + three bedrooms).

These three heights join at a special main façade that is composed of a white ceramic lattice, paying tribute to the traditional crafts of the province of Castellón. Its geometric design allowed us to convey privacy in the interior design, and to protect the rooms facing south.

The distribution of the house, far from being arbitrary, meets the owner’s needs. Given that the Levante sun is a fundamental factor in their day-to-day life, the client raised the possibility of natural light bathing every single room.

With that objective in mind, and despite the fact that only the main façade adjoined the exterior, we outlined our architectural solution: we applied a skylight on the roof, which allows natural sunlight to be filtered across the three floors of the house.

The staircase also plays a key role: due to the narrowness of the floors, we placed it in a central position, hence converting the circulation steps around it into livable areas.

The sense of spaciousness is greatly enhanced by covering the staircase in micro-perforated steel, for optical reasons: it provides transparencies on the general floor plan, which permits a 360º view of the space.

Going deeper into the first floor, the dining room connects to the kitchen by the patio, in this instance covered with a walkable floor, whose glass cladding gives the space an appearance of a heated outdoor room.

The philosophy is similar to that of the second floor with the bedrooms, from which the entire sky is visualized. Together with the skylight and the patios, these are details that help the space achieve a free and ventilated look.

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