LocationPicassent (Valencia)
Built-up area402.46 m²
PhotographerGermán Cabo

The design of this house seeks to nurture a relationship happening between the game of different volumes and the views of the Valencian landscape.

The house, resting on a hillside, enjoys privileged views of the Valencian orange groves.

The strategic placement of all spaces manages to adapt and resolve the steep slope of the plot. The natural character of the hill is maximized thanks to this broken section, as well as to the provision of a central courtyard.

A set of three interlinked volumes marks the rooms’ distribution, creating a distinction between day and night areas by levels, and reserving an exempt space for storage and parking. In addition, the upper volume extends towards the views of the hill and thereby forms an ideal porch on the base floor to rest during summer afternoons.

The access leads directly to one of the corners of the patio, around which the floor’s flow is organized. In this way a series of spaces is generated, which are staggered to reach the back garden, merging with the slope.

Thanks to a transparent screen, the living room connects with an infinity pool on a porch which, due to the plot’s natural slope, creates an optical illusion of spatial infinity.

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