LocationTorrente (Valencia)
Built-up area209,09 m²
PhotographerGermán Cabo

Balancing its volumes on the outside, and synthesising its details on the inside, this house becomes the epitome of a home.

Based on the client’s premises and needs, and despite of it being raised between two unbuilt plots, the house is projected in a way that acquires enough strength to adapt to the environment.

The two floors of the building are arranged according to the plot’s orientation and location, considering the area where it is built, its climate and the Mediterranean culture. Which results into a well-balances coexistence of all rooms.

The entrance, next to the main facade, is developed through volumes of an introverted architecture. This allows two routes: one accessed by vehicles and one by pedestrians that is more diverse, opening the way to the main lobby and the day area. An area which is externally oriented and therefore connects with the outside domain.

Sheltering the different rooms, a series of intertwined volumes assemble the house with utmost care and purity, through clear and carefully treated edges.

“The play of volumes encourages an appearance of a double height above the dining room, highlighting its value and favouring the vertical core’s arrangement, which is what directly connects both floors”

Damián Herranz Busquiel, Ubiko Project Manager

The living and dining areas are reached behind the access with controlled views towards interior spaces. These areas organize the different rooms of the house on the ground floor and on the upper floor, and hold an immediate connection with the pool and the outer area.

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