Ubiko System


Design and Customization

Choose one of our models or talk to us about a custom made project.

Fixed Price

Turnkey based service with fixed pricing. We manage the construction of the design until your home is ready to be occupied.

Quality finishing

Wide range of finishes for the customization of the interior spaces are included in the final price.

Construction speed

Minumum runtime. Your home ready in 5 months.

Energy Efficiency

The strong thermal insulation of prefabricated panels reduces the energy consumption level.

Technical Guarantee

Reinforced concrete modules serially manufactured under the most rigorous security controls and seals of industrial processes.

UBIKO encompasses a range of prefabricated homes designed and adapted to your personality and needs.

We have several models in our catalogue ranging from 60m2 ground floor homes up to 160 m2 on two floors. All of them in different housing types like isolated, between party walls and semi-detached houses…

The construction of houses is done through a system of prefabricated concrete panels which are assembled on site. The panels have different finishes and textures so you can choose the one you like.

We buid your home in 5 months.

UBIKO homes are characterized by their minimalist design, functional and sustainable, with quality finishes and all the features you may have in a conventional house.


Proceso de viviendas industrializadas