We replace conventional bricks with custom precast concrete wall panels. Though that matters most is why we do it this way: we strive for a building process that is as fast and effective as it is sustainable.

Ubiko offers a housing system that is built with industrialised elements, customised for each client and location. We apply the advantages of the system, so as to ensure we offer all aspects of quality, control and speed of execution, on each project. Designed by us, and with the aesthetics and finishes selected by the client.

We intend to offer our clients a constructive experience and to guide them from the initial conception of the idea until its completion, involving them throughout the whole process and making them part of the experience of building their own home.

All our projects are turnkey. They cover all stages of the process: from the handling of work licenses and all the necessary documentation so that all legal aspects are fulfilled, until the construction process in its entirety, thus guaranteeing that all the requirements of the project are fully completed.

The Ubiko System


We design each project from scratch. Starting from a precast concrete system that acts as a structural element and architectural surrounding.


All the elements are manufactured at the workshop and pass all necessary quality and product traceability certificates. They are palletised and transported to work according to the established assembly plan.

certificados Ubiko

The qualities of each project are chosen together with the client before the start of the building works, providing a personalised and unique touch to each house.


These are assembled in the works, following the established planning. The structure is constructed in only 3-4 days, and the completion of the full work is estimated in an average of 4 months.

The difference is in the process we follow and, by informing you of the materials we work with, our honesty.

A careful, coherent and sustainable architecture aligned with the current environmental energy needs, with a complete development until turnkey delivery.

Energy efficiency

A team of technical experts studies each project so as to ensure that the houses we build are not only sustainable, but they also obtain the best energy ratings. And how do we achieve all this? Combining passive architecture with insulation systems in parameters, roofs and carpentry.


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